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manufacturing process

Aerospace-grade aluminum to build carefully, military grade quality, accuracy 0.01mm。
The use of sandblasting anodized for surface treatment, feel more delicate。

16 test procedures! Easy to use, more durable!

Invoja Video


Starting from the designer's pen,
Each piece of work is like a fresh life with a wonderful appearance, jumping the soul.
Make this world more beautiful!

Catch the wonderful, wonderful moments

Follow the shooting, follow the shape can follow any static or dynamic target. Just frame the target
Can automatically follow, the embodiment of intelligent photographer. Colorful world,


Learn about our industry information

    • Summary:

      Self-timer as an indispensable photographer, often when we travel around to carry。 For a small self-timer, the use of skills is not just a simple cont。。。

    • Summary:

      Today, a variety of "self-timer artifact" limelight。 In the major scenic spots and some venues, we can see everywhere a variety of self-timer in the p。。。

    • Summary:

      As the saying goes, the beauty of the heart of all people, look at the market a variety of "guns short gun self-timer artifact" to know how people are...

    • Summary:

      50 to 70-year-old consumers last year, online shopping perfume 70 million yuan, self-timer bar for the majority of women over the age of 50 。。。 。。。 Re。。。

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