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Online shopping self-timer is the main bar aunt

Number of visits: Date:2017-9-13 13:54

50 to 70-year-old consumers last year, online shopping perfume 70 million yuan, self-timer bar for the majority of women over the age of 50 。。。 。。。 Recently, Taobao released 2015 China Internet consumer trends report that more than 50 years of age have become a lot of net sales of goods By。 At present, many elderly people feel some goods can not find, or find it is not easy to buy, then may wish to consider using Internet thinking to solve the problem。

In the elderly online shopping community who like the Internet Amoy Stall? Reporters through the network questionnaire and telephone interview on the 385 over the age of 50 online shopping to investigate and found that the object of the favorite surfers to buy the square dance products. "Online shopping plaza dancers than to the store more convenient cost-effective." Guangdong Foshan Hongwei District 61-year-old Zhang Dan said, "Our team every year to buy uniforms, before the store to buy, not much style, the price is not cheap." Last year began to buy online, cheap 1/3 do not say, but also direct delivery door, really convenient.

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