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Documents are too ugly The police station to open the ID card self-timer mode

Number of visits: Date:2017-9-13 13:54

As the saying goes, the beauty of the heart of all people, look at the market a variety of "guns short gun self-timer artifact" to know how people are keen to take pictures, and even mobile phones are mostly with skin function. To meet the needs of everyone beauty, we can not sit still the public security department. This is not, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Fengzhuang Road police station in the province took the lead in the introduction and use of the identity card "self-help camera" system, from the camera to the selected photos by the bidder personally completed, photographed their satisfaction so far.

Self-help photo ID card photo in addition to the traditional camera, but also "self-timer" of the

Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou Evening News reporter came to Fengjing Road police station household registration hall. Let's take a look at the "self-help camera" system. ID card business for the masses can first apply to the induction desk, and then choose the artificial photo studio or self-help photo room to take pictures. The self-help photo room will undoubtedly become the first choice for most people, especially young people most enthusiastic.

It is understood that this photo equipment price of more than 10,000 yuan, put into use nearly two months, and the residents of the district favorite. People no longer have to look for photos for the ID card is not good to worry about. The police station also retained the artificial photo studio, because many elderly people on the "self-help camera" system is not used to feeling like a WeChat do not like the trouble. Therefore, the artificial photo studio or the elderly preferred. For the "photo artifact" is for the city to promote the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau, Fengzheng Road police station identity card "self-help camera" system is only a pilot in Zhengzhou City. Because the urban area of ​​each police station area and other factors are not the same, is currently developing the relevant implementation of the program. The future "self-help camera" will be gradually extended to the city. Come and see how the ID card photo "self-timer" "self-help photo room, which in the end long Shashi?" ID card business people can first apply to the induction desk, and then enter the self-help photo room to take pictures. Into the self-help photo room, the police will give you a "portrait collection controller", holding the controller sitting in the designated area of ​​the chair, in the face of a large screen like a mirror, you can enjoy the expression you want. "Flap", press the 3 times on the controller "camera" button, the first eyes closed, the second face crooked, and the third mouth big. Which is not satisfied, which can be supposed to do? Do not worry, this system is divided into three groups. If you are not satisfied with the photos in a group, you can start the next set of self-timer programs until you take a satisfactory picture. After pressing, press the "Select" button on the controller, select your own photo, press the "OK" button, the photo will be uploaded to the household registration police computer. Police to ensure that the photo is true and effective on the basis of the background color, light and shade to do a slight adjustment, to maximize the beautiful picture of the generous. Although you can self-timer, but the identity card or photographers have a certain standard requirements, such as the need for a positive head, should not be tilted shoulder, smile can not reveal teeth and so on.

For the identity card "self-portrait artifact", living in the vicinity of the public line of the public Ms. Xue is very looking forward to: "I hope that our area police station also quickly introduced, so I also beautiful to take a my ID card should have changed, all 10 years, and wait for the ID card to change.

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