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Self-timer bar this root "magic pole" can be self-willed how long

Number of visits: Date:2017-9-13 13:53

Today, a variety of "self-timer artifact" limelight. In the major scenic spots and some venues, we can see everywhere a variety of self-timer in the pictures of visitors.

In many people enjoy the "self-timer artifact" brought about by the fun, also led to a variety of worries.

In recent years, in the beautiful West Lake, you can often see in the crowded crowd, a thin aluminum alloy pole straight out, stood a small phone. In the tour group, such a scene is particularly common.

In the major museums, self-timer pole also has its useless。 During the tourist season, Zhejiang Museum Gushan Museum area, often tourists holding self-timer and museum exhibits of cultural relics photo。 In the Su Dongpo Memorial Hall and Tang Yun Art Museum, there are occasional visitors with self-timer bar to enter。

But in the "self-timer" popular at the same time, but also for tourists and museum collections brought security risks. To this end, the United States, France, Japan, South Korea and other countries of the famous attractions and museums on the self-timer pole issued a "guest order" to prohibit visitors to bring self-timer into the attractions and museums.

In China, the Capital Museum, the Beijing Art Museum, as well as Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong and other places of the museum or art museum has clearly on the self-styled pole said "no".

In Hangzhou, although not yet explicitly prohibit self-timer to enter, but the various museums have begun to advocate tourists consciously without self-timer.

Zhejiang Museum of the relevant person in charge said that the self-timer can be freely scalable to hand enough places, there is a small part of the unconscious tourists will use it to touch the cultural relics. And "do not touch the cultural relics and display exhibition" This article is a general museum to visit the information will be mentioned in the content, I hope everyone consciously abide by.

At the same time, in order to better protect the museum cultural relics, a number of museums in Hangzhou are planning to increase security facilities。 Items that can not be brought into the museum in the future will be intercepted in this "first line of defense", and visitors will need to deposit items that may cause danger to the museum exhibits before entering the museum。

For the "self-timer artifact" situation, Central South Forestry University of Science and Technology Institute of Tourism experts said that the emergence of any new things have advantages and disadvantages, and its next ban order, it is better to advance with the times, the introduction of appropriate measures to avoid disadvantages, including clear binding self-timer Behavior, responsibility and obligation, to take appropriate measures to strengthen the protection of precious cultural relics, is open and inclusive attitude。

1, do not in people, narrow places with self-timer, especially indoor.

2, if the phone is still on the self-timer, do not call.

3, if the self-portrait will appear in others, please obtain permission from others。

4, reflecting the respect and conservation. If you are in the crowded museums and memorials wantonly self-timer, will appear to others do not respect, will bring cultural relics security risks.

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