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Self-timer has "words" to say

Number of visits: Date:2017-9-13 13:53

Self-timer as an indispensable photographer, often when we travel around to carry. For a small self-timer, the use of skills is not just a simple control of the shutter. The conventional self-timer is divided into two types of wire-controlled shutter and Bluetooth shutter. The remote control shutter can effectively reduce the Bluetooth power of the handset part and get rid of the Bluetooth version of the self-timer and the compatibility of the mobile phone system. The Bluetooth shutter can move the shutter on the self- To separate the jitter caused by pressing the shutter. In short is the director, each take love.

After clamping the phone, the self-timer also has a certain length and angle for the user to adjust, the rational use of a good angle and length, it is the correct use of self-timer key. In the usual camera photography, the key to self-timer is the angle. When the phone uses the self-timer, the angle is just as important. Use the self-timer 45 ° self-timer, compared to the conventional holding the phone, the more face-lift, cover double chin, cover the left and right face asymmetry and other beauty effect, but also people shot high and thin. Hold the self-timer 45 ° shooting, cake face can change the face of the cone.

The length of the self-timer is also important。 If the girlfriend or couple in the area want to photo, because there is no self-timer, can only ask other visitors to help, and sometimes also do not shoot good-looking photo。 Self-timer bar in solving this problem, we also have to remember the flexibility to use the self-timer, adjust the length of the self-timer, this is a natural focal length。 In the appropriate adjustment, the beauty can be incorporated in the photo。 In actual use, the self-timer according to the different length of the expansion and the different stations, you can also shoot a different effect。 After adjusting the length of the different stations and skew, can enhance the vivid picture of the shooting effect。

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